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Introducing Our Management Team

Updated: Jun 11, 2022


Since the passing of our Founder earlier this year, Frank Cassidy, we at FX Cassidy & Associates would like to introduce the team taking over the current management oversight of the firm. Gregory Specht, CPA and Patrick Higgins, CPA will be overseeing the operations of the firm and will serve as co-managers of the firm’s day to day operations.

Gregory Specht, CPA

Greg has worked with Frank Cassidy for over 25 years and was Frank’s first and longest standing employee. Greg has worked with many of the firm clients over those years in various situations. Greg is well versed and experienced with all type of tax issues from individuals, businesses, investments, and trusts. Over the years, Greg has advised many of the firm’s clients on every facet of tax planning. Greg works with individuals to navigate every level of businesses life from formation, operation, expansion, and dissolution. Greg has assisted clients with Federal, State, and Local Tax Authorities to resolve various tax compliance issues. In his free time, Greg enjoys movies and spending time with his two twin nieces. 610-667-0801

Patrick Higgins, CPA

Pat has worked with Frank and Greg for over 17 years. Most recently, Pat worked at a Top 50 accounting firm in the United States specializing in assurance, compliance and consulting for small to mid-sized business and high net worth individuals. Pat started his public accounting career with Frank and worked at FX Cassidy & Associates from 2005- 2012. Frank served as an early mentor to Pat over the years and Pat made the decision to return to FX Cassidy & Associates in November 2021 before Franks passing.

Pat has considerable experience working with small to medium sized business clients. Pat consults with business owners and works with them to achieve their goals and assist them through the challenges they face in the business life-cycle. Pat works with high-net-worth individuals to plan and optimize results for their future financial needs. Pat lives in Jenkintown PA with his wife, Elizabeth and two children, Finnegan and Sloane. (610) 667-0800

Tom Dewey, Patrick Pearson, Florence Petta, Sharon Cooperman, Matt Lamanna and the rest of our staff continue to assist the firm and its clients. The firm will continue to deliver the excellent service as provided in the past. We look forward to working with all our loyal clients for many years to come. Please contact Greg or Pat with any of your questions or concerns and feel free to drop by the office to say hello. In the meantime, check out our newly updated website.

To contact our associates use these emails

Greg Specht -

Patrick Higgins -

Patrick Pearson -

For more info contact us at: 610-667-0800

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