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New Payment Options

FX Cassidy & Associates are pleased to announce that all payments can now be made online directly and securely through the MAKE PAYMENT link on our website at

All clients now have the option of paying their invoices by credit card, debit card, echeck or transfers from your bank account. Simply go to our website, and click on the MAKE PAYMENT button in the upper right corner of the page. The link will take you to our secure PAYMENT page. Please follow the instructions carefully. If you have any questions, contact our office. This secure service is provided through CPACharge and is used by many accounting firms throughout America. In addition, there is an option for payment by installments. As always, you still have the option of sending a check in the mail.

If you need assistance, please call our office at 610-667-0800

To contact our associates use these emails

Greg Specht -

Patrick Higgins -

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